The Best Accessory to Have!

Looking for that perfect accessory with your outfit does not only have to be a piece of jewellery or a cute pair of heels. Think outside the box and try using a bold lip as an amazing accessory to your outfit!  You can totally glam it up by applying a bold red lip to really stand out. The nice thing is, a red lip can go with any outfit.  It can be worn to a meeting during the day or to a girls night out on the town!  Try using Veil Beauty Co. Aisle Red-y lipstick for that trendy and gorgeous look.  For those who are a little unsure of that bold red lip, a great option is a bright shade of pink. This will give you that bright, fashionable, fresh spring flare!  Celebrity crush Emma Stone is looking fabulous with her pink lip that looks like First Kiss as a pop of color for her accessory!