Spring Beauty Giveaway

Spring Beauty Giveaway time! We have joined up to celebrate spring and all you beautiful ladies by giving away a blushing kimono and pink lip duo of our top sellers Blushing & Blissful! A total value of $115!

Spring Beauty Giveaway

This giveaway will run May 22nd-May 29th. 

How to enter:

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DETAILS: All entries will be checked twice! The winner will be announced on 5/30(giveaway ends 5/29, 9pm MST).  The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize, via email. Please note: This giveaway is in no way sponsored by Instagram. By entering you are confirming that you release Instagram of any/all responsibility and that you agree to Instagram’s term of use. 

Why we love Lost In Layers!

Kimono's are such a hot accessory and super versatile! We find ourselves loving Lost In Layers because each one is handmade with incredible details as well as Lindsay doesn't make more then 1-2 per fabric, which keeps these kimonos unique. Just a like our lipsticks and lip glosses, these kimonos are amazing gifts for bridesmaids and bridal showers. Lost In Layers with also be in YEG May 30th for On The Spot Pop Up @ Lattitude 53! 

Good Luck!

Top Makeup Artist Questions asked by Brides

What if I have mature skin? How should I wear my makeup?

Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid or mother of the bride or groom, if you have mature skin it is all about keeping your skin hydrated, looking smooth and not going overboard with the eyes!

Using a primer that helps to fill in fine lines will help reduce the look of wrinkles.  Make sure to not use anything that has a powder finish because this will just accentuate the lines.  Using a liquid foundation with a natural finish is the way to go.

When it comes to eye makeup, concentrate on the eye lid and put liner on the top eye lid, not the bottom.  This will give a lifting effect and look polished. Be careful about shimmer or sparkles.  Using matte eyeshadow will look flawless and really make your eyes look smooth.  Don't be afraid of wearing false eyelashes! This will give you that pop and wow factor!  Last but not least, filling in your eyebrows to make them look nice and full is key. This helps to frame your face and again will definitely give that lifting look!

For lips it is all about keeping them looking hydrated and glossy for a full pouty lip.  Using a lipstick like Best Day Ever by Veil Beauty Co. then finishing it off with a really nice gloss with no shimmer like Blissful will give you those luscious lips.  If you have fine lines around the lip area make sure to use a lipliner to stop any lipstick from bleeding.  Diane Lane is looking beautiful and elegant with that glossy lip, filled in eyebrows and flawless skin! 



Top Makeup Artist questions asked by Brides

As professional Makeup Artists we decided to write a blog about what we get asked on a regular basis from brides!  Here is our second blog of questions! Please let us know if you have any questions for bridal makeup! 


Is getting  a makeup trial important? 

  • Yes! It is very important to get a makeup trial done so that way you and your makeup artist are on the same page for your makeup look!  Getting a makeup trial will also leave the bride feeling confident in the product and the artist.  If you were to have an irritation to the product its better before than on your wedding day!

Is it hypoallergenic?

  • There are so many brands that are now hypoallergenic, but the main thing you want to see is that it is non comedogenic meaning it will not clog your pores.  Depending on what ingredient you are actually allergic to will determine if you react to it.  Make sure to tell your makeup artist what you are allergic to so they don't use it on you!

Is it okay to do a smokey eye for the big day?

  • Yes for sure as long as your makeup artist knows what they are doing! This is another reason why doing a makeup trial is so important!  I have had brides that want to look sweet and innocent with natural makeup to hard core dark makeup! It is YOUR day and you need to look the way you want!  Having a dark smokey eye can be really pretty as long as it doesn't turn into a messy I got punched in the eye kind of look! 

What if I want a bruise or tattoo covered?

  • If you want bruises or tattoos covered you definitely want to let your makeup artist know before hand. Depending on how big the tattoo the makeup artist may need more time for covering.  Also some artists do not feel comfortable or may not have the correct product to cover tattoos.  Remember, you get what you pay for!

Stay tuned for more blogs like this to answer all your bridal beauty questions!