Look Book

Be inspired by some of our most popular and favourite looks.

Beauty-Veil Beauty Co. Campaign-0024.jpg

Bronzed Beauty.

One of our most popular summer looks. Ideal for anyone who wants a summer look, year round. Soft bronze smokey eye with a pop of colour on the lip.

Beauty-Veil Beauty Co. Campaign-0033.jpg

Smoke and Mirrors.

Our most requested look as it’s ideal for anyone. Great look to transition from ceremony to reception as its a lighter version of evening smoke look.

Beauty-Veil Beauty Co. Campaign-0044.jpg

Classic Bold Lip.

One of the hottest bridal beauty looks that has recently gained much popularity, is brides wearing red lipstick. Classic and timeless but can also be modern twist a look.

Beauty-Veil Beauty Co. Campaign-0001.jpg

Boho Babe.

Perfect glowing skin with just the right amount of pop to enhance features.

Beauty-Veil Beauty Co. Campaign-0018.jpg

The Duchess

Luminous skin and flushed cheeks complete this look.

Beauty-Veil Beauty Co. Campaign-0015.jpg

Evening Smoke.

Smokey eye is the ‘little black dress’ of beauty. Timeless and adjustable to any skin tone or colour palette.

Beauty-Veil Beauty Co. Campaign-0042.jpg

Embellished Side Sweep.

Soft bouncy curls, the perfect way to show off a lovely hairpiece. 

Perfectly Waived.

Soft Waves have become a staple for brides & bridesmaids.  An easy switch from day to night, by pinning some hair up with a glam hair accessory.

Intricate Braiding.

Braids are one of our biggest requests. Adding them for texture with soft curls is such a beautiful look.

The Soft Chignon.

Pretty and polished.  This style pairs perfectly with a veil.

Beauty-Veil Beauty Co. Campaign-0047.jpg

The High Bun.

Clean, sleek and timeless.  This look will show off your makeup & jewelry flawlessly

Beauty-Veil Beauty Co. Campaign-0014.jpg

Low Romantic Updo.

Romantic and textured.  Braids & twists are the perfect addition to a low textured style.